Ushers play a  very vital role before, during and after worship services.  They are the first people you meet when entering the church, they are the directors of first impressions.  

Ushers ensure the church is ready for the service—lights, neatness and any additional things that need to be done before the service begins.  They pass out the Bulletins and answer any questions a newcomer may have.  

During the service they are attentive to anyone who needs assistance and if anyone needs Communion brought to them if they are unable to come to the altar.  They count the number of people attending each service and relay this information to the Chalice Bearers.  They collect the weekly offering and bring this along with the Sacrament to the altar. 

During Communion, they guide communicants in an orderly fashion to the altar.  At the conclusion of the service, they straighten the hymnals and prayer books, pick up any Bulletins left in the pews, turn off the lights and lock the Narthex doors.  


Two Ushers serve each Sunday service.  There are two separate crews, those who serve during the 8:00 service and those who serve during the 10:00 service.   Ushers for special services, such as Christmas, are chosen from volunteers.


The Ushers of Saint Stephen's are currently lead by Pattie Meyer

Time commitment

 Usually Ushers serve once every 4 to 6 weeks depending on several factors:  vacation, illness, or other family circumstances.  Dates are flexible to volunteer personal schedule.   New Ushers are fully trained and welcome.  Should you have a calling to serve, consider ushering.