The Good Sam House provides temporary shelter for men.  Our program is a "working program," meaning that our residents must be employable.  They are expected to be employed within thirty days.  Since we provide for their basic needs, they can then save their paychecks for the remainder of their stay, which is usually not more than ninety days.  It is our hope that this ministry will enable them to overcome their difficulties and once again take control of their lives and destinies.  When we actively advocate for those who are suffering, we express to the world that we are followers of Jesus Christ, who, in the twenty-fifth chapter of Matthew, said; "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

The Executive committee

Ash Aziz

Willie O'Keefe

John Will

Dennis Micai


The Good Sam House was forced to closed in 2015 for extensive renovations and the project was completed in September of 2019.  Our contractor, Ash Aziz of LBI Property Maintenance and Construction, gathered many of the donations for this renovation.  Ash was aware that Saint Stephen's laced the funds and resources necessary to repair, renovate and reopen the house.  He generously donated his time, personal resources and provided the leadership required to complete the project.   

Contributors and donations

 LBI Property Maintenance and Construction, ABC Building Products, 84 Lumber, Allied Building Products, PHD Mechanical Plumbing, RNH Electric, Schindler Elevator, Barnegat Meeting Religious Society, Perlen Steen Corporation, New Jersey Natural Gas, International Union of Elevator Constructors, Gryphon Construction, ADCO Electrical Corp, Ocean Community Church, ESS Cosmetic Solutions, Local One IVAC, The Estate of Andrew Werkoven, Andrew Werkoven Jr, Ralph Howland, Andrew & Judith Leale, Audrey Vernon, Jean & Rich Brown, Thomas McKeever, Marie O'Hara, Art Galati, Lisa Van Orden-Kaan, Judith Hutchinson, Laurence & Mary Downes, Floyd & Sheree Skinner, Michael Nappi, Keith & Mary Ann Meyers, G. Patricia Sherwin, Kevin Hilgendorf, Richard T. Ohr, Robert & Mary Oberle, Judith Phillips, Al Frizziola, Terry Martin, Veronica Ramaglia, Mary Ann Sealand, James & Joanne Emery, Barbara Julian, Eileen Minett, Richard & Florence Heward, Patricia Shultis, Colleen Kolvites, Joe & Karen Stolte, James Daniels.

Many others made contributions of time, materials and funds who are not listed above.  It has been a full community effort to accomplish this project.  Thank you to all our contributors and volunteers!