Thank you to all the new “Garden Angels” who came forward to adopt a garden. Each person has given generously of their time talent and treasure in order to make their garden come alive with color.

It has been a wonderful stewardship effort by everyone involved. Each of us has been completely responsible for the success of our garden by donating our own funds, time and effort to this needed enterprise. We are thrilled that the gardens at St. Stephen’s Church are in full bloom. Listed below are a list of the Garden Angels and the garden they adopted. Please thank every Garden Angel you see. They would appreciate knowing that you have noticed their efforts.


The Garden Angels are organized by Rett Rich

who are the garden angels

Father Terry Martin - The Chapel and Vegetable Gardens

Peggy Beck - The Memorial Garden (Exterior)

Gloria Davis - The Memorial Garden (Interior)

Willy O'Keefe - The Memorial Garden (Artistry)

Rett & Ellen Rich - The Church Doors Garden, The Memorial Garden (Interior) & the St. Francis Garden

Jo Ann Joeriman - The Cross Garden

Laura Koegel & Renee Nagy - The Route 9 Sign Garden

Marcel Tabone - The Parish Hall Garden

Judy Phillips - The Thrift Shop Garden

 If you are interested in adopting a garden or contributing to the garden project in any way, such as watering or donating flowers or shrubs, please call the church office. We could use more help on this beautification program at our church.   Thank you.


The gardens are maintained on an as needed basis from April through Christmas of each year.